Duties of a Student

  • Students shall bring their diaries to the school every day with his/her photograph duly pasted and identity information complete duly signed by parents.
  • Mobile phones and such electronic devices (Tabs etc.) are not allowed to school under any circumstances.
  • Library books should be returned regularly in time.
  • No student is allowed to come to the school through self-driven scooter, motor-cycle or car.
  • A major factor towards success in life is regularly and punctuality. keeping absent from the school be avoided. Any work assign to student should be done in time.
  • Student must apply for leave and get it sanctioned before absenting themselves from the school a leave application must invariably be signed by father or guardian.
  • Absence without leave application, the fine is Rs. 50/- per day. The name of pupil after continuous absence without leave for 7 days will be struck off from the school rolls.
  • Children coming to school late are required to bring a written note from their parents.
  • Keep your class room clean and tidy, throw waste papers, wrappers etc. in dust bins. Keep the campus neat and clean.
  • Don’t shout and play in the verandahs and class rooms.
  • Don’t write anything on walls, anywhere in the school.
  • Allow other people to go before you.
  • Say ‘thank you’ when you receive something.
  • Greet fellow students, teacher, principal and other elders with polite salutations. Be respectful to everyone.
  • Protect school property and personal belongings of others.
  • Quick up while awaiting your turn or when moving in the corridors of the school.
  • Remember to stand up when a teacher, principal or a visitor enters the class room.
  • Student are forbidden to practice any borrowing & lending. Students are requested to keep their bicycles duly locked at the cycle stand, unlocked shall not be allowed.
  • Gold ornaments, jewellery, watches and costly articles are not to be brought to school under any circumstances. The school shall not be responsible for loss of any such article.
  • Students should allowed be neatly dressed with their shoes polished and hair combed properly. They should turn out in school uniform daily and on all School Functions & Examinations.
  • Avoid consumption of ice-creams, other products & eatables from road side vendors.

Sketch of our Director Mam done by one of our Student

Sketch of our Director Mam done by one of Our Student

Discipline Code

  • Be honest, trustful & truthful.
  • Respect all elders and be kind to all.
  • Love labour and be ready for any work.
  • Take care of school and personal property.
  • Be pure in thoughts, work and deed.
  • Be punctual and diligent.
  • Be just.
  • Be kind to animals.
  • Be cheerful and helpful to all.
  • Do to others what you wish others to do you.